Summers Value Partners, LLC is a boutique asset manager based in Denver, Colorado. The firm was founded in 2018 by Andrew Summers, CFA. We employ a long-term, value-based approach to investing in areas of the market where most managers are unwilling or unable to participate.

The firm combines a nimble capital base with decades of investment management experience to identify undiscovered opportunities in non-cyclical, small, and micro-cap stocks. Our strategy utilizes a consistent and repeatable due diligence process with a focus on companies that exhibit superior business characteristics, and are operated by competent, and shareholder-friendly management teams.

The firm specifically seeks investment opportunities in companies undergoing positive change including a new management team, a corporate action, or a consolidating industry.

The Summers Value Fund LP was launched in June of 2018. The general partner is the largest investor in the fund.

Summers Value Partners, LLC is an Investment Advisor registered with the State of Colorado.