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Summers Value Partners, LLC is a boutique alternative asset manager based in Denver, Colorado and founded by Andrew Summers.

The Summers Value Fund, LP (“the Fund”) is a long/short equity strategy which invests in underfollowed small-cap companies within non-cyclical sectors and holds significant exposure in the health care sector.

 The portfolio manager is dedicated to identifying value that the market has yet to recognize by utilizing a bottom-up fundamental research process.  The Fund takes concentrated equity positions and demands a margin of safety for new investments while seeking lower volatility and correlation than its index.  The Fund is long-biased and utilizes no leverage or derivatives.  The general partner is the largest investor in the Fund.

Summers Value Fund LP aims to compound partnership capital at a superior rate of return over the long term relative to its index.

The firm selectively underwrites co-investment opportunities in both public and private companies.

Summers Value Partners, LLC is an Investment Advisor registered with the State of Colorado.

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